Sunday, 12 February 2017

Friday 11th March 1988

I didn't go to racing club because I didn't have a car battery. I finished my 'mothers day' card when I got home!! that's it for now because I'm tired.

Oh look a list of things, not very exciting things. Then an excuse to stop writing just after I've started.

I needed a 12V battery to charge my power pack for my RC car, sometimes that car battery was flat because it relied on me remembering to ask my dad to charge it in his car, I think. 

There's really not anything I can add to this, maybe we should all just move on...

Friday, 7 October 2016

Thursday 10th March 1988

Nothing much happened today apart from I think Stuart might be jealous of me because I sat next to Jaime all dinnertime.

I am going to post this on Facebook and ask Stuart if he was jealous...

It's like time travel innit? Really shit time travel.

Wednesday 9th March 1988

Nothing much happened today only I found out why "head" bags are so expensive because they have compartments that come offandyoucancarryaround separately and the zips lock up.

Head bags, (or "head" bags if you will... you shouldn't) now there's a name I've not heard in a long time, a long time... 

I eventually got me a Head Monte Carlo, in this exact colourway:

But imagine how blown my tiny mind was by the fact that they had zip off compartments (at the end, never used by anyone ever) and that some of the zips had locks - to which there was a key which was universal, given their popularity in the late '80s - early '90s this rendered them as secure as Donald Trump's ego. 

Compound words appear to be my new fad. I'm already bored of it. 

I suppose this counts as a diary entry, it documents something I learned that day... 

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Tuesday 8th March 1988

As I was playing in the playground Rory came upto me and pulled my trousers down, and in the middle of the playground!!!

This kind of thing rarely happened to me, I was bullied a bit when I was 12-13 but I went to the headmaster (lovely bloke, Mr Scott) and it got stamped out immediately. I was quite a meek child in general, my confidence was mainly delivered to me in a giant lump sum when I got to uni 7.5 years after this diary was written. 

But still, Rory pulled my trousers down. And in the middle of the playground!!! Not completely sure how mortified I was, I guess it depends on how many people saw. Don't worry about me though, I turn out alright in the end. 

Monday 7th March 1988

We've got the new suite it's quite nice I think the head rests spoil it though. Julian and me did a T.V. ad' for a new fizzy drink and we took the mickey out of lucozadesayingitcomesinabouncybottle but when you drop it it just goes straight down and doesn't bounce atall and he pretended to give me some and said "what do you think" and I burped put my handover mymouthandranoff thats all for now becausemy dad might comeupanyminute.

Ooh, check me out with my interior design cattiness! Head rests? Head rest is short for head restraint, I'm not sure if the new suite needed to have whiplash reduction mechanism and therefore I agree with 10 year old me, the head rests do spoil it. Still not completely sure it's the pink one but that doesn't really matter.

So the next part needs a bit of an explanation. I've tried to find the Lucozade advert we were 'taking the mickey out of' but to no avail. From what I remember it was in the days when most 2l soft drink bottles were in 3 parts, the cap, the bottle itself and a black moulding around the bottom to keep it upright on the shelf (I know a lot about plastic now and the fact that they didn't used to be able to make bottles which stood up on their own still baffles me). The advert showed a bottle without the black moulding around the bottom but the main selling point they were using was that if you dropped it, it bounced... nothing to do with the 'health giving' nourishment within the bottle, just that the bottle itself bounced.

So, Mr Julian Batty (another school friend who is no longer with us, RIP sir) and I were comedy geniuses at school. We rigged a bottle by sticking loads of plasticine in the black bit around the bottom. We then recreated the advert but the crucial bit where it bounced back became the part where it just dropped and stayed! So funny! The denouement was the killer though, I had discovered relatively recently that I could burp on cue, so I did and pretended to be embarrassed. 

Oh and the random compound words, I seemed to have forgotten how to put spaces between the words in my diary... I am hoping this is not the beginning of a trend as it was weird to type. 

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Sunday 6th March 1988

Pamela and Matthew came today we were playing hide and seek most of the time. I can't wait until tomorrow because we are getting a new three-piece-suite I wonder what it looks like? 

We played a lot of hide and seek. A lot. Even though there were only a very finite number of places one can hide in a 3 bedroom semi-detached house. Matthew has been mentioned in two entries in a row, once in my 2016 notes and this time in 1988 (and subsequently here). Our parents are best friends and we grew up together, mainly watching Star Wars on Betamax at their house. Pamela was born in the bed next to me 3 minutes after I was born, my mum and her dad went to school together, her dad and my dad refereed together and we ended up living very close to each other at university. Our parents now go on holiday together a lot, which is nice intit?

Not much to work with but this does at least give a little vignette of my life at the time - very innocent, playing and looking forward to seeing the new seating. And no moaning about not much happening, or complaining that my arm hurts.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Saturday 5th March 1988

We have got no settee and we've only got one chair so I'm sitting on a sofa cushion with another for a back rest. Went to chesterfield mum got a pair of boots and a pair of shoes and I got some peanuts and a little jotter!! we saw millions of policemen and women. I know why because there was a football match one. Sheffield Wednesday lost to Notts Forest 0-1,


Shitty content but content nonetheless.

Let's break this down:

We had no settee (for foreign types, that's one of our many words for couch/sofa). I think (I could scan ahead to the next entry in my diary but where's the fun in that?) this is where we went from a giant beige suite that we'd had since I think before I was born, to a fancy new pink one which lasted so well that I had the armchairs from it in my flat in Nottingham in 2006. I also remember it being a bit of an adventure briefly having no furniture, kind of like camping in the front room.

But seriously, no one was looking at that bit and wanting much exposition, let's talk Chesterfield shall we? Mum got some boots and some shoes. 

I can't remember if I've talked about me and shopping on this blog before, adult Neil I mean. Well I think this is the kind of thing that was maybe the genesis of my problematic shoe buying habit. I had the option on Saturdays of going to the football with my dad (not always, but sometimes) but he was a referee so my introduction to kickball was a baying crowd shouting rude words at my dad whilst I burnt my tongue on cups of Bovril. I remember at one point eating way too many hot sausage rolls with my friend Matt whilst our dads were linesmen and getting very very ill. All in, I think I had probably the wrong first impressions of football. 

My other option was to go shopping with my mum, and whilst some peanuts and a little jotter doesn't seem like much right now, at the time I was overjoyed enough to write 2 exclamation marks after it. 

So yeah, I like shopping and I don't like football. Those things have helped me with ladies over the years and have caused me to end up with about 30 pairs of trainers. 

And let's touch on the last 2 points. Look how smug the 10 year old me was for working out why there were so many polices in town... and I am going to get some anger from the fact I said Notts Forest, I know (now) it's Nottingham Forest. Sorry. By the way, the Wednesday - Forest match was not the reason for the police, (we were in Chesterfield, I imagine it was a Chesterfield match.) that there is what could be called a semi sequitur.

Oh and it was fashionable in the late eighties to end a sentence with a comma.