Monday, 28 February 2011

Wednesday 10th February 1988

It's Andrew Quince's birthday today and Fay hasn't bought him a present ha! Ha! I think i'll stick with Boris and Oscar for the guinea pigs. 4 days to go. I've just had a brilliant plan I will write a valentines card to myself and pretend it's from someone else that will get my mum guessing. I hope Andrew gets drunk at his party and has a hangover tomorrow it will serve him right!

So jealous, so vindictive, so deluded.

'Brilliant plan'? Really? Is that really a brilliant plan? Is that even a plan? Do you think I even did it? And who am I trying to trick? Not the woman of my dreams who may become slightly intrigued by the fact I have a secret admirer? My best friend who may be jealous of the fact I have someone after me? Nope... my mum; the person in the world most likely to be able to spot the fact it was from me in the 1st place. I sincerely hope that I am not still like this little dweeb in the most part.

And what do you think the chances of Andrew getting drunk at his 11th birthday party were eh?

(on a very serious note here, Andrew died a few years back – we really got on at school and although I hadn't seen him since his brief spell working in the same factory in the summer of 97 it was still hard to hear of his untimely death, RIP chap.)