Saturday, 20 February 2016

Sunday 28th February 1988

I wore my jazzy trousers to go out tonight Mum and Dad and me went to The Mosbrook I had a Mr Man meal but you feel a right twerp eating it because of the name I had chicken nuggets, chips, beans and for afters I had Ice cream got to get to sleep now (school tomorrow).

Yesterday they were snazzy trousers, today they're jazzy trousers? My vocabulary is stunning isn't it? The inconsistency of my punctuation is a little tiresome though, just the one full stop at the end there. The whole thing could do with a little breaking up I feel. 

I'm hoping that the bit "..but you feel a right twerp..." made you at least crack a smile, it made me laugh and I have already seen it a number of times. I'm fairly certain that at the age of 10 it is perfectly reasonable to be eating a Mr Men themed meal at a restaurant, I wasn't on the pull and I like chicken nuggets (and 'Ice cream'). Also, 'afters' means dessert for all the foreign/southern types reading this.