Sunday, 6 September 2015

Wednesday 24th February

I was up at about six o'clock this morning being sick, so no school today. Michael and Amanda have got a new car it's a Fiat Panda they've come up tonight it's only twenty to nine so I think I'll read got to stop now because dad's coming.

Once again, the threat of my dad walking in whilst I was writing this highly secretive diary meant we were all robbed of more information. But to be fair, that's quite a chunk of fun above so it's difficult to imagine how much better it could have been. 

A Fiat Panda.

Tuesday 23rd February 1988

I feel absolutely rotten, I've got stomach ache I feel sick and tired, so I'm stopping now.

I feel I don't necessarily have to write anything below this particular masterpiece. 

Monday 22nd February 1988

I went to Judo tonight I've got about 3 injuries two bruises on my leg and I nearly sprained my ankle I have just noticed I have got a right lump on my leg I want to rest it because it hurts so I'm stopping now

It's even a surprise to me that I was so unaware of what I was supposed to be writing here to make it a worthwhile read for anyone at any point ever. I mean, clearly I never thought that 27 years later I would be putting my diary on a worldwide network of information for anyone to find but still... 

I can't remember why I decided to start keeping a diary, it wasn't a school assignment and I don't remember my parents encouraging me to do so. Maybe I read Adrian Mole and was inspired but I'd like to think that if that was the genesis of it, I would have maybe taken a few cues from those books and ACTUALLY WRITE SOMETHING OF SOME WORTH. You know, like feelings, opinions, actual stories or possibly even some bloomin DETAIL. Take this particular entry, I went to judo and got injured. Anyone else writing about that would possibly have talked about how I got those injuries but not Neil RJ Dowling. 

A note on my language, I'm from The North and the word 'right' means something different up there, one may think of the sentence above as '...I have got a proper lump on my leg...' 

I'm stopping typing now as my toe aches.