Monday, 8 November 2010

Monday 8th February 1988

“Ouch”! I've had the rest of my verucca taken off today if you want to know what the nurse did see monday 25th January. 6 days to go!!!!! Fay said she isn't sending any cards out but I think she's just saying that so if I get one from her I won't know who its from didn't go to Judo tonight because of my verucca. Good news I’m getting two male guinea pigs (both long haired) one black one and one ginger they haven't got any names yet so I’ll be thinking about that I might put some in this diary.

Poor delusional little lad. The ups and downs of whether Fay and I are ever going to get married seem to be the theme that runs through this diary so far... spoiler alert! I didn't marry her. It strikes me that although now my best friends would say that I live my life out loud, I really do keep quite a lot in. This diary is testament to the fact that if I were to vocalise every thought I had, I imagine most people would have stopped talking to me by now. I’m not saying I still think like this but I can still just about identify with where I was coming from... just about. I’m not convinced I believed myself but in this diary it kinda seems like I was writing it for someone else – as evidenced by the 'see monday the 25th January' bit.

Have I ever mentioned judo before? Didn't think so. I’m weird. Oh and you will not believe how many suggestions/ideas for names for the guinea pigs are in the entries ahead...

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Sunday 7th February 1988

Auntie Joyce Grandad and Auntie Em came today and I played on my computer at chuckie egg and Arcadians they were the only things that happened today apart from I went to church and after I played with my radio controlled car outside.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! You're a retard! If you really feel like nothing happened, try doing a bit more! Even if these were 'the only things' that happened I’m sure there's a story in there somewhere. Aunty Joyce was cool, Grandad (not my real grandad, he was in his 90s and was my Aunty Joyce(not my real aunty... sorry...)'s dad) was fruppin hilarious. Where did I play with my car? What the hecking cup is Arcadians?

Saturday 6th February 1988

Comic relief raised over 10 million pounds!!! Nothing much happened today apart from we went to Pamela and Matthews. 8 days to go I don't think I’m going to make it!

Are you beginning to see where I got the name of the blog? Nothing much happened today apart from... Pamela and Matthew were loads of fun to be around, Matthew and I used to watch Star Wars ep IV on Betamax every time we went to their house, and we pretty much always used to play hide and seek amongst many other games... it was always a proper laugh and I loved going there... I just wish I had the foresight to actually make this diary an actual note of events that would otherwise go unrecorded. Instead you get a fact that you can look up on the interwebs. No one needs to know what Comic Relief 88 made on the night, tell me about what made you nearly wet yourself laughing about!

I’m beginning to get weirded out by the countdown to Valentine's day. I've read ahead and I know what's going to happen...