Friday, 1 April 2011

Monday 15th February 1988

I went to Nanan's house today and I took trena in the park she was o.k. until we got back to the house then she growled at me when we got home we Scrubbed the Guinea pig hutch out then we went to the doctors we were in and out within 10 minutes (It must be a world record) Can't wait until I get my Guinea pigs tomorrow oh yes I forgot To put we stopped off in the library on the way home I still haven't got a single Valentines card.

Big breath in! One long sentence again, I capitalised (sometimes randomly) but I forgot the tiny little dot that allows the reader to take a breath.

A fair amount of stuff happened on this day, none of it was expanded on enough for me to be able to remember. In case you're wondering, Trena (or Trina as it undoubtedly is spelled) was the little dog my Nanan owned, she was a rescue dog and hated anyone who wasn't female. My mum and me used to walk everywhere when I were a lad, we'd walk 2 miles to Lowedges (where my Nan lived) and back, so I guess I was fairly fit... and why I love driving now I guess... I wish I knew what we stopped at the library for, we used to hire videos from there (Automan a few times I seem to remember) that would have added a nice bit of necessary detail you'd think. Oh and the world record doctors trip – verrucas I presume.

Not a massive surprise I still haven't had a Valentine's card is it? Left it to the end just for the extra lump in the throat to stay with you...