Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Rednoseday Friday 5th February 1988

It's 1.30am so i'm not writing much just Comic relief was quite good and so was racing club

Dear Jebus boy! What is the matter with you? Build up to something and then forget/neglect entirely to talk about it! Really I have nothing to offer. I’m guessing that by 1.30am it started to get a bit rude on Comic Relief and therefore I was either ushered to bed, or went of my own volition as I was a bit embarrassed.

Thursday 4th February 1988

10 days to go!!! We are going to have a “theatre” coming tomorrow I am writing about it today because I will be staying up until about 3.00am Saturday morning because comic relief is on tomorrow night can't wait to See Andy Crane going into the Gunktank. Stopping now because I want to get my sleep because of tomorrow night.

Remember Andy Crane?   

and an interview mentioning the gunge tank here

I love the big sentence, utterly pointless but kinda how kids talk. I do feel I've kinda cheated myself a bit with the constant saying why I have to stop writing. I really should have just done a diary every few days instead of trying to do it every night.

I think when I said “theatre”, I meant a theatre company... but we'll never know cos this is literally the only mention of it I've found so far. That there is a definite sign that some days of learning and culture were a bit wasted on me.