Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Tuesday 2nd February

Oh Joy oh rapture I think Fay fancies me all because I wore my black and jade jumper everybody likes it but especially Fay. 12 days to go still wondering how many cards I'll get. Can't wait to be with my love again. I'm stopping now because my arms aching.

Dear Neil aged 10,

You have absolutely no idea how incredibly camp you are, how incredibly melodramatic and how writing how much your arm aches after waxing lyrical about 'your love' means a different thing to what you meant at the time...

Seriously little man, the phrase 'Oh joy, oh rapture' is really never going to get you anywhere is it? Apart from universally mocked on the interweb when you reach the age of 33.

I love you chap, I just wish I could have helped you back then...

Monday 1st February

Nothing much happened today apart from I went to Judo and Jaime and Garrone are in love so theres nothing much to write about apart from I made this poem when George bit me
One little bump all on its own
George just bit me
And I started to moan

nothing much happened today – get used to seeing that phrase a lot!
So, nothing apart from all the random weird things I listed... AND THE FACT THAT GEORGE THE DOG BIT ME! What an idiot I was... George was incredible, really gentle and lovely. I must have done something to really really really piss him off, or I just mis-timed something and stuck my hand in his mouth. I'll never know now...
Jaime was a girl at school... I'll tell you about her later.

Sunday 31st January

Theres hardly anything to write about today because all that really happened is Michael and Michelle came and just now on wickers world somebody was on that made toilet seats that said on them -

if you sprinkle
when you tinkle
be a sweetie
and wipe the seatie

my dad's poorly and theres only 14 days to go “gulp!”

so, there's nothing to write about... Michael and Michelle are my cousins from Macclesfield. I've not seen them for years but I remember really liking them. Michael was/is hilarious and must have done/said something that made me howl laughing but no, I decided to play it down entirely and concentrate on a small part of a Wicker's World episode about toilet seats.

And what was up with my dad? He's poorly? No other details... these things are a bit more important than how many days there are til blimmin valentine's day!

Saturday 30th January

Went to church tonight it was quite boring it was all about peace. Went to chesterfield I got a car, some sponge foam tyres for my radio controlled car and a pen other than that nothing happened today so I'm stopping now.

Only a little entry this one, but oh so telling of what my head was like. Nothing happened... getting a car when I was a little lad was a big deal! Why didn't I say what type of car? A pen? I remember getting the foam tyres for my car, they were black, replacing the weird red coloured ones I got when I got the car.

Church: Trying to get a small child interested in the Roman Catholic church is - I imagine - quite difficult. All I saw was that it meant I had to get up early on a sunday, or go out on a saturday night to sit in a hall and talk quietly... for hours. I feel bad about it cos my dad loves football and goes to church, I never got either of those things.

Friday 29th January 1988

went to racing club tonight. I came sixth in my first heat seventh in the second heat and third in the third Heat on the third heat I was only a couple of seconds from being first because the people who came first and second did the laps faster than mine we all got 20 laps in five minutes. I came 28th overall out of 50 Drivers or around that. Then we went under the stage it was dead good but it's heaven when you get out. We went under to put the track and the carpet away. 16 days to go! I hopped all the way to school all around where ever I went and back home again on the same Foot because of my verucca (every body say aah) it's quarter past eleven so I'm stopping now.

I like how I was so accurate about the numbers... 28th out of something maybe about 50... the rules of the track were fairly open to errors, I could've been a contender!

I really wish that I'd made up the fact that I hopped everywhere, I really actually did hop all around all day. I think I did it to make people feel sorry for me, and maybe to prove to my mum that I was not making it up when I said it hurt the day before.