Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Shrove Tuesday Tuesday 16th February 1988

George has mated with a bitch today and I have two Guinea pigs called Boris and Oscar I had a pancake and gave a bit to George and played with Paul on our bikes and I went with mum to Mr and Mrs Cornthwaites house and got 70 pence. Oh yes the bitch George mated with was called “Tasha”.

Dear God man!

I really have very little to say, I’m exasperated with the story and exhausted due to the number of missed opportunities for sentence breaks...

Our dog was a 'semi-retired' stud dog so it wasn't a massively weird thing to have happen in our house at the time... but the matter-of-fact way I report it here kinda shocked me. What is wrong with me though? I report the tiny details of things such as giving the dog some pancake but miss the big things, things that would actually be interesting to read. Why did I get 70p? What did we do at Mr and Mrs Cornthwaite's house? They were fascinating people and I’m sure they must have told me something noteworthy that day.

The more I do this, the more I realise that maybe I should be keeping note of things that are currently happening to me, quotes of the day, conversations I've had with peeps and things I've learned. Also, feelings... all I seem to do here is lament my lack of women and say that my arm aches... what was actually happening in my head?