Thursday, 10 March 2011

St Valentines Day Sunday 14th February 1988

Guess how many cards I got? Yes you guessed right none at all but I might get some tomorrow (hopefully) Auntie Joyce, her dad and my Nanan came today but apart from that nothing happened today.

Didn't see that coming did you? Not only did I not get one from Fay (did I mention Fay? I think I did...) I didn't even get one from myself, I don't even like myself enough to do the fake one I said I was going to (to fool my mum). And for that matter, my mum didn't even get someone to do a fake one like she did the year before so I was rejected by made up people also.

Still clinging to the fact that I might get one on Monday... we'll see.

Saturday 13th February 1988

I had a nose bleed this morning, George has been sick twice and we went to Chesterfield, that's all that happened today 1 day to go!!!!!!

For flips sake! This is possibly the most newsworthy day so far in this terrible series of dull events and it gets 2 whole lines. George was the dog by the way.

We went to Chesterfield quite a lot, I went there a few weeks ago and it's entirely different but exactly the same if you know what I mean.

Friday 12th February 1988

we broke up from school today for a week “YIPPEE!!”
I think Fay loves me because Katie was doing sign language to her and I know what it meant. It meant do you love Neil and Fay nodded her head. I'll just have to see if she does on sunday (I hope she does) 2 days to go!!! couldn't charge my car up so I didn't race tonight but I went to watch. Alex Stole spent about 40 pence on me tonight he bought me a bottle of coke and twelve penceworth of sweets my arm's dead tired so I’m stopping.

Ok so... anyone else bored of the Fay thing yet? I know I am. The best bit of this particular episode of obsession in my opinion is the bit in parentheses... really? You hope she does? I would never have thought that, it's a good job you told us/yourself.

Radio controlled car racing was wicked, but I was let down by my battery charger a lot. I really vividly remember Alex Stowell (for that is how one actually spells his name) spending all that money on me. It's never really come back to me before I sit and write this but I really really remember it... how very strange. Oh and 28p for a bottle of coke, them weret' days.

Thursday 11th February 1988

guess what?! Fay and Julian are in love Fay must be going daft. I went to the doctors tonight and I can't go swimming tomorrow (thank goodness) because of my verucca. I was going to go with Julian so I’m glad I’m not going. Julian is going in the morning and Fay is going in the afternoon ha! ha! ha!

I think what we're beginning to piece together here is that I have no real concept of what love is and my grasp on what is actually happening in the world around me is tenuous. Oh and I had not yet quite got the hang of punctuation.

I hated swimming, I only learned when I was about this age and therefore the smell of chlorine made me nervous (and still causes butterflies to be honest, even though I’m a reasonable swimmer now... sort of). Quite what I did instead is another matter.

Oh and my vindictive side comes out once more. Didn't mention Valentine's day though did I?