Saturday, 12 January 2013

Thursday 18th February 1988

We went to town I got some stonewash jeans. In Hamleys they have got one of those globes with electrical current in them and when you put your hand onit a sort of electric line comes up to your hand.
Nothing else happened today apart from Prince Charles went to Sheffield and we never saw him.

Oh my... "a sort of electric line".

As far as I know, this was my 1st foray into the world of stonewash... this was the 1st time they were fashionable. I remember them quite well, I was quite the talk of the school (I was not quite the talk of the school) and I looked bloody amazing in them (I did not look bloody amazing in them).

Can you believe we never saw Prince Charles? I guess if he knew there was one of those globes with electrical current in them in Hamley's, then he'd have been there with us.

ChinesenewyearandashWednesday Wednesday 17th February

It's the year of the dragon and my dad, me and Paul went on a bike ride to Sicklebrook farm. We went to Sainsburys and we met mrs Webb who was a student teacher at our school when I was in the first year but apart from that nothing else happened (still no valentines cards (everybody say aah) I have written that before try and find where?

2 things should be obvious by now: 1) I am not good at regularly blogging and 2) at age 10 I had no perception of what was interesting to write in a diary.

The title of this blog should also make more sense if you've been wondering, nothing much happened today... apart from all the things I've listed but not commented on, fleshed out in any meaningful detail or thought about... I worry about the little me that's still locked away inside somewhere.

Also, it continues to bend my mindspace that I left little things like "I have written that before, try and find where?" (the question mark is there for no real reason). Just who the heck did I think was reading this in the 1st place? And how likely are they to want to go back and find the 1st time I wrote that, and when they do find it, what are they to do with the information? There's no prize, the 10 year old me isn't going to shake their hand or anything... I'm odd.