Sunday, 11 May 2014

Saturday 20th February 1988

Me and Mum went to Chesterfield today because Dad was at a football match. I got a Jumper and two Pairs of socks and a pair of Slippers. Mum got  leotard and Tights (or tites if I got it wrong the first time). I was playing on my computer until 9.30pm the only other thing is we got the Guinea pigs out this morning.

This entry could basically be the only one and you would have an idea of the whole darn thing. It's all here, the stock list of things, the weird capitalisations and the refrain of 'the only other thing' at the end of the missive.

Oh and the brag about how late I stayed up. Again, who am I bragging to? Who is it that might care if I spelled 'tights' wrong? 

There will be a point at which the entries become a bit longer. The last few have been a bit short, kinda leaves me with little to say that hasn't already been said really.