Saturday, 19 July 2014

Sunday 21st February 1988

I played on my computer most of today but I did go down to the park with paul we were on our bikes (that was after church) my nanan has Just gone home I have got to go to sleep now because it's school in the morning!

So... Just to let you know that my computer is either my Spectrum 48k with the rubber keys, or my Acorn Electron. Anyone familiar with home computers in 1988 will therefore know that playing on my computer all day meant spending at least an hour or two waiting for games to load from the tape deck. I used to play Chuckie Egg a lot. As well as one which was set in a school, can't remember the name of it right now, I never really followed the rules (or worked out the actual point of the game) and therefore ended up getting expelled a lot (exactly the opposite of my real life, kinda the point of computer games I guess). 

Again, there's very little to comment on here. I've not really elaborated on anything, I've barely bothered with punctuation, let alone storytelling. I will once again apologise for my 10 year old self and his thorough lack of understanding of the point of a diary.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Saturday 20th February 1988

Me and Mum went to Chesterfield today because Dad was at a football match. I got a Jumper and two Pairs of socks and a pair of Slippers. Mum got  leotard and Tights (or tites if I got it wrong the first time). I was playing on my computer until 9.30pm the only other thing is we got the Guinea pigs out this morning.

This entry could basically be the only one and you would have an idea of the whole darn thing. It's all here, the stock list of things, the weird capitalisations and the refrain of 'the only other thing' at the end of the missive.

Oh and the brag about how late I stayed up. Again, who am I bragging to? Who is it that might care if I spelled 'tights' wrong? 

There will be a point at which the entries become a bit longer. The last few have been a bit short, kinda leaves me with little to say that hasn't already been said really.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Friday 19th February 1988

My Dad, me, George and Trina (she is my nanan's dog) went for a walk in the woods this morning we were out for about 3 hours! And Julian has got a full sized skateboard it is about 7 inches wide and two feet long its amazing it mademy skateboard look right tich. on the way home from the woods we went past a farm and there was a caravan parked there and on the back window of it there was a sticker that looked tike this.....

So... sorry for the massive hiatus in the updates of this, I have no excuses other than my own laziness. Let's crack on with the withering comments on the thoughts and writing of a defenceless 10 year old.

As ever (and as you can see from the photo above what I'm working with here) I have left it sic erat scriptum, hence the word tike rather than like, the new portmanteau word 'mademy' and the non-capitalised o which commences the 3rd breathless sentence. But grammar aside... what the hell am talking about here? Wouldn't you rather know what the afternoon was like with me on my 'right tich' skateboard and Julian on his two footer? I vaguely remember that afternoon, I think we took it in turns to fall off his 'Allprou' board... I never really got any better than that.

Can you believe that we were out in the morning for 3 hours? What utter lunatics! What could we possibly have been doing for 3 hours with 2 dogs in the woods? Maybe it was something like walking, throwing sticks and generally being out in the fresh air like normal folks.

All in this is a fairly innocuous missive. There are many many many more embarrassing things coming up at some point... FACT.