Sunday, 3 April 2016

Monday 7th March 1988

We've got the new suite it's quite nice I think the head rests spoil it though. Julian and me did a T.V. ad' for a new fizzy drink and we took the mickey out of lucozadesayingitcomesinabouncybottle but when you drop it it just goes straight down and doesn't bounce atall and he pretended to give me some and said "what do you think" and I burped put my handover mymouthandranoff thats all for now becausemy dad might comeupanyminute.

Ooh, check me out with my interior design cattiness! Head rests? Head rest is short for head restraint, I'm not sure if the new suite needed to have whiplash reduction mechanism and therefore I agree with 10 year old me, the head rests do spoil it. Still not completely sure it's the pink one but that doesn't really matter.

So the next part needs a bit of an explanation. I've tried to find the Lucozade advert we were 'taking the mickey out of' but to no avail. From what I remember it was in the days when most 2l soft drink bottles were in 3 parts, the cap, the bottle itself and a black moulding around the bottom to keep it upright on the shelf (I know a lot about plastic now and the fact that they didn't used to be able to make bottles which stood up on their own still baffles me). The advert showed a bottle without the black moulding around the bottom but the main selling point they were using was that if you dropped it, it bounced... nothing to do with the 'health giving' nourishment within the bottle, just that the bottle itself bounced.

So, Mr Julian Batty (another school friend who is no longer with us, RIP sir) and I were comedy geniuses at school. We rigged a bottle by sticking loads of plasticine in the black bit around the bottom. We then recreated the advert but the crucial bit where it bounced back became the part where it just dropped and stayed! So funny! The denouement was the killer though, I had discovered relatively recently that I could burp on cue, so I did and pretended to be embarrassed. 

Oh and the random compound words, I seemed to have forgotten how to put spaces between the words in my diary... I am hoping this is not the beginning of a trend as it was weird to type. 

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